Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I bury my head in the comforts of the soft hotel pillows, trying to numb away the feelings of remorse and depression that seem to be inseperable from people who are born "different." I again find myself wallowing in self pity, surely wishing I was part of the "normal" world. I can't see myself facing tomorrow's responsibilities, let alone contend w/ the pressures of surviving another day. I sure wish everything is simple. I wish everything is easier. I wish everything is right. I wish everything is normal..

I sure wish I need not pour it all out like this. But everything just feels so heavy and hopeless. And it wouldn't suprise me that these soft pillows will soon be the cradle of a pool of saline tears.


  1. It's alright bro. Whatever bears on you, remember you're never alone.

  2. thanks, you two. feeling better now. the bad times really suck though..